The Creator Economy

Followr Network works to empower the creative economy with development and support for decentralized applications (dApps).
Our ecosystem of dApps allows creators and influencers to grow, retain, and reward their fans, while creating new innovative ways to develop new revenue streams.

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No more middleman

Followr Network ecosystem is powered by the $FOLO utility token, reducing transaction and platform fees.


Followr Network compliments the creator ecosystem by providing one location to maintain fans across multiple platforms. We provide a suite of dApps interoperable across blockchains and creator platforms.

Community driven

Creators invest their time and expertise into generating content and building up fans. However, it’s the platforms that take the profits. Changing policies and the risk of being deplatformed, leave creators vulnerable to the removal of features or loss of revenue.

Creator control

Creators generate content with proof of ownership, allowing them to dictate how content is shared, or viewed, for a fee, or free. By using NFTs, creators, not platforms, have access to their followers, allowing them to maintain data ownership and control the flow of content.


Utility token

Transaction fees




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Growing creator economy

Growing creator economy investments

Growing software development